Interested in solar energy but not sure where to start? We've got you covered. Our team is committed to serving the renewable energy needs for San Antonio, TX residents.

There’s any number of reasons why solar panels make sense for San Antonio residents. Solar energy is clean, renewable, and easy to harness. Excess energy from your panels is fed back into the electrical grid, which saves you money on your power expenses. You can further tax advantage of several tax credit and rebate programs, making is even more of a smart choice. Epik has years of experience in helping folks just like you achieve energy independence and money saved.

When light from the sun hits solar panels, an electric field is created. The power generated from this field passes through the panel and into a conductive system, which then brings the electricity to an inverter. At this stage, the energy is transformed from DC electricity to AC. The newly-converted AC electricity is transferred to an on-site breaker box, where it is distributed throughout the site as needed. Electricity which isn’t needed at the premises is transferred to the utility electrical grid. As power flows through the meter, the meter will essentially run backwards, resulting in an energy credit to your property.

Not with Epik Solar. Our experienced team will be with you every step of the way.  Going solar requires approvals, permits, and a quality installation.  We make sure to keep you in constant contact through all of the solar steps right up to the final installation day. 

Typically, our installations only take 8 hours. Our team will revitalize your building’s energy system with renewable solar energy in just 1 day

Because installing solar panels requires electrical and construction work, you should expect to need permits from the San Antonio city government. While the exact permits will vary depending on your project, typically you will need an electrical permit, a structural or building permit, and/or a dedicated solar photovoltaic (PV) permit. If your property is part of an HOA, additional approval and authorization will be needed. Luckily, Epik Solar helps our customers navigate the securing of these permits, saving you time and headaches.

San Antonio business owners can also take advantage of the many benefits that solar energy provides thanks to Epik’s proven history of providing these services to our community. Since all of our services are in-house, you can consider us your sole point of contact in realizing your company’s energy goals. Contact us to see why we’re known to have the best customer service team in the industry.

The Solar Investment Tax Credit (or ITC) was first enacted in 2005, and is currently set to expire in 2024. The current policy of the tax credit means that when you install a solar power system, the federal government will provide you a 26% tax credit for the total project costs, which can be claimed as a credit on your tax return for the year of install. The credit is 1:1 proportional to the amount you save on taxes (in other words, 1 Federal Solar Tax Credit equals $1 less you have to pay in taxes).

CPS Energy provides a rebate program that San Antonio residents can take advantage of when switching to solar power. For residential projects, this rebate is $2,500 per project, with an additional $500 premium for projects that utilize local energy modules. Commercial projects save $0.60 per AC Watt for the first 25kW, $0.40 per AC Watt for kW over 25, with an additional $0.10 per AC Watt premium possible for projects utilizing local energy modules


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