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It's easy with Epik solar, where we handle everything from start to finish. Our customers can expect prompt, professional service from our experienced roofers, electricians, and energy contractors. We'll be there for you every step of the way.


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We are Epik Solar

Our professional team understands how to create an efficient system, how to gain your permits, approve with HOA's, and will give you a quality installation built to last. Let Epik guide you and help evaluate if solar is the right investment for your energy usage and goals.

The Federal Solar Tax Credit allows you to claim a credit that’s currently 30% of the total purchase price of your solar power system. The Solar Tax Credit will decline and then expire in 2022. Act now before it runs out.

Easy to Claim

Claiming the Solar Tax Credit is simple. Fill out the 2 page 5695 IRS form or have a Tax professional do it for you and then send it in along with your Tax Return.

Solar Tax Credit

2018 • 30%
2019 • 30%
2020 • 26%
2021 • 22%
2022 • 0%

Step 1: Site Assessment

A Epik Energy Consultant will review your recent utility usage, learn about your energy usage goals, and tailor a solar proposal specific to your home.

Our Friendly Energy Consultants are very well educated on how the Energy Tax Credits work in Texas and various rebates available with utilities like CPS Energy, and they will walk you through the process so you can take advantage of huge tax savings. There are no stupid questions!

Step 2: Custom 3D Design

Epik Engineers design a custom solar system that maximizes your total energy savings.

You'll be able to see your custom solar design prior to approval so you'll know exactly how much power you'll be generating.

Step 3: Installation

Epik Installers will perform your hassle free custom installation in 2 days or less. All of our solar power texas installation utilize a special rack system to ensure the highest quality solar power installation for your home or business.

While many other companies only handle the sales or installation independantly, Epik takes care of everything from start to finish including financing, HOA's, and final permitting.

What Our Customers Say:

Grid Tied Electrical System


A grid tied Solar Electric System harnesses the power of the sun for immediate in home use, and sends excess electric capacity back to the local electrical grid.

This excess energy rolls back your energy meter usage, resulting in savings to you for using renewable energy in your home or business location.

Solar Panels Turn Photons From The Sun Into DC Electricity

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The AC Electricity You Do Not Use Is Sent Back To The Grid

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Main Panel

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Micro-Inverters mounted on each PV Panel will convert the DV voltage from the PV Panel to voltage suitable for your home